Crossing Your Legs While You Play: A 17th Century Trombone Drawing

Heard you should never cross your legs while you play? Well, this 17th century angel-trombonist, recently added to the Trombone History Timeline, must not have been there for the band director’s lecture.

c. 1642—Florence, Italy: Il Volterrano (also known variously as Baldassare Franceschini and Franceschini Baldassare detto Volterrano) makes a red-chalk preparatory sketch for a lunette fresco in the Grazzi chapel of Santissima Annunziata. It features angels playing violin, trombone, and lute (see above image; public domain) (Strozzi 332).


  1. Very nice compilation and excellent research! Fabtastic bibliography too– where were you when I was in Grad school? (We did not have internt access then— inter-library loan was the closest we could get! Plus actual BOOKS!)
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