Trombone History: More Moravians

Added a pair of images to the 19th century (2nd half) featuring the Moravian trombone choir of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. For more updates on the Moravian trombones, see here.

1888—Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: An engraving published in Harper’s Weekly features the Bethlehem Moravian trombone choir playing by torchlight for arrivals at the Easter Dawn service (see above image; public domain) (Harper’s, March 31, 1888).

1896—Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: A painting by Alice Barber Stephens depicts the Bethlehem Moravian trombone choir at an Easter Dawn service. A bass trombone with extension handle is clearly shown in the front row. The tower of the Central Moravian Church, from which the trombone choir frequently performs, can be seen in the background (see above image; public domain) (Sweitzer 8).