Trombone History Bibliography

These are the sources for this site’s Trombone History Timeline and Early Trombone Literature list. I heartily recommend further reading of the sources to get the full context of individual timeline entries. If you see that your favorite source is left out of this bibliography, please be patient; as I have said elsewhere, this is a work in progress. There are many more sources to come. Also, some materials that would not normally be considered primary sources (e.g., popular music history texts) are listed as such because they help trace popular opinion and perception of the trombone.

Looking for a shorter trombone history bibliography? See the mini-bibliography, which offers a starting point for research papers on the history of the trombone.


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PRIMARY SOURCES (20th century to present)

NB: Some sources that would not normally be considered primary sources (e.g., orchestration textbooks, popular music history texts) are listed in this category because they are being used as primary documents in tracing public opinion and perception of the trombone.

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