BYU Trombones

Fall 2023 Large Ensemble Audition Materials: Audition information and materials for Fall 2023 large ensemble auditions (bands & orchestras).

Frequently Asked Questions—Trombone Majors: Several questions that come up often for trombone majors. This will be particularly helpful for incoming freshmen.

Recommended Retailers & Services: Where can you buy that solo, method book, recording, or instrument? Who should fix your slide?

Solo List: Solo checklist for trombone majors.

Excerpt List: Orchestral excerpt checklist for trombone majors.

Accompanist List: List of BYU accompanists for recitals, competitions, juries, etc. Link is to BYU School of Music home page; download accompanist list from column on left.

Writing Suggestions for Academic Papers: If I am on your committee for a Master’s paper or Honor’s thesis, or if you’re working on an academic paper in one of my classes, here are a few suggestions that will save you some time and trouble.