My father was an art professor and my mother a violinist. I grew up alternately attending music concerts and art openings. Although music is my profession, I continue to retain a strong interest in visual art. Music iconography is a natural combination of the two fields, of course, and I have become increasingly interested in trombone iconography throughout my career. Below are some of my ongoing efforts.

•Trombone History Timeline. This is an extensive timeline that’s more than 700 pages long and features more than 1,100 historical trombone images. I continue to add to the timeline and divide pages as they become longer and slower-loading. Some that still need to be divided may load slowly.

•Google Map: Trombone Art in Europe, Pre-1800. This is an interactive map on which I have plotted all the European images from the Timeline, pre-1800, or at least those that could be reasonably linked with a location. Click on individual pins for more information. Expand the map to select or de-select the color-coded pins by century.

Bracelli•Serpent and Ophicleide Images: 1600-1850 and 1851-present. Along the way, I have also compiled a large group of serpent and ophicleide images. I believe it is now the largest single collection of such images, and many of them have been used for the Serpent Newsletter and other publications. I have broken up the original blog post into two pages: Serpent & Ophicleide Images: 1600-1850 and Serpent & Ophicleide Images: 1851-present.

•Blog: The blog posts categorized as “trombone images” discuss a lot of the most interesting iconography updates to all of these various pages.