CD Sound Clips

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Below are sound clips from Collage

Track 1 Gershwin, Three Preludes

Track 4 Bloch, Symphony for Trombone

Track 7 Faure, Pie Jesu

Track 8 L. Mozart, Concerto for Alto Trombone

Below are sound clips from Utah Trombone Authority

Track 1 O’Loughlin, Inertia

Track 2 Tallis, Tallis for Trombones

Track 5 Sargent, “4”

Track 6 Persichetti, Three Melodies

Track 11 Shostakovich, Prelude no. 4 in E Minor

Track 13 Boren, Antics for Four Trombones

Track 16 Hendrix, Purple Haze