Yet Another Angel-Trombonist from 17th-Century Italy

I recently posted a blog entry (here) that mentioned how common paintings of angel-trombonists from 17th-century Italy are, reflecting as they do the sacred nature of the trombone. Below is yet another painting that I’ve located. The detail of the top portion, along with the entry, has been posted in the 17th century timeline (first half). The full image, included here below the detail, was not included in the timeline because of space. The painting is noteworthy for its expressive, individualistic style.

c. 1625—Ascona, Italy: Giovanni Serodine paints Coronation of the Virgin with Saints in Ascona’s parish church. The image features a consort of angel-musicians playing 2 viols, cornetto, and trombone (see facing detail of top portion of painting; public domain).

Serodine, Coronation of the Virgin, upper detail

Serodine, Coronation of the Virgin, full image