Angel-Trombonists, Italian Painters, and the 17th Century

Added another image of an angel-trombonist to the Early 17th Century Timeline (see images and timeline entry, below). Trombone history seems to replete with these striking paintings, particularly by Italian artists, depicting the sacred nature of the trombone. See especially 17th Century (first half) and 17th Century (second half).


Proso di Piuro detailProso di Piuroc. 1641—Prosto di Piuro, Valchiavenna, Italy: A fresco in the vault of the presbytery of chiesa dell’Assunta painted by either Giovan Battista Recchi or his brother, Giovan Paolo Recchi, includes a trombonist among several angel musicians (see facing detail and full image, below; public domain) (Pescarmona 77).