Just for Fun: Images from 1894 Catalog

The following are some entertaining images from a 19th century Lyon & Healy catalog (Chicago, 1894). For other holdings from the catalog with more importance to trombone history, visit the Alto Trombone Timeline. For the full reference to the catalog, see the Alto Trombone Bibliography.

First, a suave trombonist modeling a uniform:

stylish trombonist

1894 L & H Catalog

Second, Lyon & Healy’s “Trombone Oil.” Wonder how well it worked. It says “perfection”!

slide oil

1894 L & H Catalog

Finally, a pretty nice array of “band caps.” The one with the spike is truly impressive. No. 14, with the feather plume, is a beauty too!


1894 L & H Catalog


  1. I truly appreciate this site. I’m an active member of the marching band at my school, and I appreciate discovering any history involving the activity. I find the kerosene caps highly amusing. Though my words may be few, I assure you I’m going back to look through more of your archives!
    With all-due respect,
    Kayla Whitehead

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