Reduced Lung Capacity with Diabetes

heart-and-lungsA study published in Diabetes Care in April 2008 found that people with “adult onset” diabetes (type 2 diabetes) experience reduced lung capacity. All adults experience a natural decline in lung capacity (and lung function in general) after it peaks in a person’s early 20’s. However, this study, along with a growing body of medical studies, shows a greater decline for those with diabetes. The study can be found online here, along with a review on a general medical site hereEvidence has shown that lifestyle adjustments such as diet and exercise can help prevent type 2 diabetes. Just another reason for wind players to take care of their health!


  1. My dad has type 2 diabetes. He manages diabetes through Diet and Exercise and alo by taking food supplements like Alpha Lipoic acid which helps in preventing nerve damage. He also takes Chromium which helps in the regulation of blood sugar.

  2. Diabetes can be prevented by just having a physically active lifestyle. Just exercise everyday and avoid eating too much. Avoid sweets and high carb foods too.

  3. there is a rising incidence of Diabetes these days and you can blame high sugar diet and a lifestyle that is low on physical activities.

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