Haspel Hannsz, Fictional Baroque Trombonist

Title page for Daniel Speer's novel, Haspel-Hanß

Title page for Daniel Speer’s novel, Haspel-Hanß


I just added the below entry to the Trombone History Timeline (17th century, 2nd half).


1684—Germany: Daniel Speer, a former Stadtpfeifer, writes the autobiographical novel, Haspel-Hannß. In the novel, the main character,  Haspel-Hannß, says, “When I had danced enough, I walked up near the musicians (which are called Spielleuthe) and listened to their playing and their silly jokes. Soon the master asked me if I desired to learn the lovely art. I answered, sighing, ‘Oh yes, Lord, if I could learn to play the heavenly bagpipes’ drone (meaning the trombone), then I would think myself as lucky as Paris.’ Then he said, ‘Come with the journeymen and carry home the violoncello, I will teach you as far as your skill and desire will carry you in four years.’” Later, during the character’s subsequent travels, after learning various instruments, he auditions for Stadtpfeifer, playing trumpet, recorder, viol, trombone [Trombon], and other instruments (Howey, The Lives of Hoftrompeter and Stadtpfeiffer).