Video Update: Heinrich Biber Sonata and Sacred Works

biber small

I just added these five videos of works by Baroque composer Heinrich Biber to the Early Literature pages. His sonata for trombone, 2 violins, and continuo is particularly interesting for trombonists.


c. 1680—Heinrich Biber, Sonata No. 3 for 2 violins, trombone, and continuo (Musica Rara).

1674—Salzburg, Austria: Heinrich Biber’s Vesperae a 32 calls for 3 trombones (Chafe 119).

1682—Salzburg, Austria: Heinrich Biber (1644-1704) calls for 4 trombones in his Missa (“Salisburgensis”), including a “Crusifixus” scored for 4 bass voices and trombones (Collver 91; Chafe 50).

1687—Salzburg, Austria: Heinrich Biber writes Requiem a 15 in Concerto, probably for the funeral of Archbishop Maximillian von Khuenberg. The piece utilizes 3 trombones that double vocal parts (Chase 103).

1696—Salzburg, Austria: Heinrich Biber utilizes 3 trombones, colla parte, in his Missa S. Henrici (Chafe 95, 234).