Quantz a Trombonist?

Quantz_by_GerhardJ. J. Quantz is known as a composer, flautist, and author of a famous treatise on playing the flute. I’ve been hearing his name for years because my wife is a flute player. However, Quantz trained as a Kunstpfeifer (town musician) as a young apprentice. That involved learning to play many instruments, including trombone! I just added the below caption to the Trombone History Timeline (18th century).

Early 1710s—Merseburg, Germany: Johann Joachim Quantz, later known as a flautist and composer, is apprenticed to the Merseburg civic musicians, learning trombone, violin, oboe, trumpet, cornett, horn, recorder, bassoon, German bass violin, cello, and viola da gamba, “all of which a proper town piper [Kunstpfeifer] must be able to play,” according to Quantz’s autobiography (F.W. Marpurg, Historisch-kritische Beyträge, vol. I, p. 199, as quoted in Rose, The Musician in Literature 77).