17th Century Spanish Trombonist Who “Ruined” Others

Just added the below caption to the Trombone History Timeline (17th Century: 1626-1650) and my previous post, Early Trombone in Seville, Spain.


correa 2

Francisco Correa de Arauxo

1636—Seville, Spain: Organist, composer, and theorist Francisco Correa de Arauxo makes the following comment in his treatise, Facultad orgánica, in regard to a trombone-playing colleague: “There was in that holy church in Seville a trombone [sacabuche] player named Gregorio de Lozoya, a man remarkable in knowledge and especially in skill of embellishing on this instrument. One critic said of him that he had ruined [echado a perder] many trombone players of his time, because in imitating his embellishments they revealed faults that they hid [when] playing quietly; that is, plainly [unembellished]” (Lash 218-219; Jacobs, Francisco Correa 4).


  1. I was expecting something like Cortez’ cannibal loud band.

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