Baroque Trombone in the Mariana Islands

Philippine_Sea_locationI came across the below information in D.R.M. Irving’s book, Colonial Counterpoint: Music in Early Modern Manila. It is logical that, during the Baroque period, the nearby Mariana Islands, which were also under Spanish rule at the time, were influenced by European music. To view the caption in historical context, see Trombone History (17th century, 2nd half).


1677—Mariana Islands: Among the musical items sent from Mexico to the Marianas, a group of islands under Spanish rule, are 3 shawms and one trombone (Irving 59).


  1. In 1996, I participated in a recording session in Colombia, doing music from around 1605, as it would have been done in the cathedral in Bogata, as brought to the New World by the Spanish. Composers: G. Fernandez Hidalgo, Francesco Guerrero, Canoniglo Garzon, Rodrigo Ceballos, and some anonymous works from Spain and from Bogata. We used the same instrumentation for the wind group: shawms and trombones. So, yes, there’s probably more work needed to be done in this area.

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