Angel Trombonist After Famous Lippi Painting

Here’s a new angel trombonist image that I added to the Trombone History Timeline (17th century—first half). The source is Gallica, the digital library of the National Library of France. The date of c. 1600 is my best conjecture, since the source provides no dates and I have been unable to locate a date for the image elsewhere, nor have I been able to find birth/death dates for any artist by the name of Santacruz. As I point out in the caption, the image bears a resemblance to the famous angel trombonist by Filippino Lippi. For ease of comparison, the painting by Lippi is also included below. Notice the tassels of the robe near the slide, the way the robe is blowing, the position of the legs, the position of the hands, etc.

c. 1600s—Spain (?): An image attributed to Santacruz featuring an angel playing trombone bears a resemblance to a painting by Lippi that is considered the earliest reliable depiction of a trombone (see below image; public domain) (source: Gallica, the digital library of the National Library of France).santacruz cropped

Filippino Lippi’s painting from 1488-93 (church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome):lippi trombone detail