Trombone at Biblical Feast

I added the below image and caption to the Trombone History Timeline (16th century). I also added it to the blog post, Trombone at the Renaissance Table. And I will also be adding it to the collection of images showing the grip of the early trombone. I hope I’m close on the date. Strictly in terms of content (rather than artistic style), most historical images of trombone playing at table date from the 16th century; in addition, when you move into the 17th century, you start to see trombone coupled with cornetto rather than shawm.

c. 1575—Scene biblique avec banquet, by an unknown artist, depicts a group of musicians performing from a balcony or raised platform during a banquet. The instrumentation appears to be 3 shawms and a trombone. Based on other depictions of trombones in biblical feasts (see c. 1545 and c. 1580), and based on the group’s instrumentation, the date of the work is probably mid- to late-16th century (see detail and full image below; public domain) (French National Library).biblical banquet detailbiblical banquet