Gordon Goodwin Chart for Cannonball Big Band

Just for fun, here’s a big band recording I participated in last December. I’m the tall guy in the middle of the bone section. All the instruments in the band are by Cannonball. The trombones are prototypes (nothing in production yet, although I’m told they’re getting close). The chart, “Off the Grid,” was written specially for this session by Gordon Goodwin for Cannonball Instruments.



  1. Sounds like a Gordon Goodwin tune, haha. Dig it. Brian crushed it and Ray did too. When he came on I thought “wow, I thought I was more observant, but I didn’t even notice him in the sax section.”

    How was the Cannonball bone?

    • He actually wasn’t in the sax section–he was leading the band! The Cannonball trombone was just in its “prototype” phase, so they were still ironing out some kinks. I’m not sure where they are now with it. I made a couple of trips to Salt Lake to help a little with it, and they are committed to a high-quality product.

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