Trombone-Playing Cherub from Spanish Baroque

Today I added the first image below to the Trombone History Timeline (see top image and caption). I also added it to the HubPages article, Trombone History: Cherubs Playing the Trombone. It brings to mind another Marian painting, very close in date and location, that also includes a cherub-trombonist (see bottom image and caption).

c. 1640—Carmona, Spain: Juan de Castillo’s Inmaculada Concepción in Convento de la Trinidad includes a putto playing trombone (see middle-right of below image; public domain).castillo


c. 1620-24—Seville, Spain: The altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary of the Parish of Santa Ana, probably painted by Diego López Bueno and Miguel Cano, includes a depiction of an angel playing trombone (see bottom-right of below image; public domain) (Alonso Cano 613).bueno1