German Angel-Trombonist

In my opinion, this is one of the most striking of the German paintings that include trombone. I just added it to the Trombone History Timeline (17th century—first half). In addition, I have also included it in the collections, Angel Trombonists throughout History, How to Hold a Sackbut: The Grip of the Early Trombone, and Super Slides: Trombones with Extension Handles. Below the detail is a wider view showing the whole dome; the trombone player is in the upper-right (partially obscured).


1625—Stadthagen, Germany: A painting by Anton Boten in the dome of the mausoleum at St. Martinikirche includes an angel playing a large trombone (see detail and full image below; click to expand; public domain).boten light cropped 1024px-Fürstenmausoleum_Stadthagen_10_Kuppel