Three Music Cartoons from Punch Magazine

I recently added three cartoons from Punch magazine to the site: the first in the Trombone History Timeline (20th century), and the other two in the blog post, Serpent & Ophicleide: History and Images (which has become one of the primary suppliers of images for the Serpent Newsletter). Here they are:

1906—London, England: A cartoon printed in Punch magazine shows a group of bandsmen not getting along (see below image; public domain) (May 30, 1906, p. 388).facing the music cropped

1843—London, England: A cartoon in Punch magazine featuring an enormous ophicleide accompanies the complaint, “The ophycliedes [sic] get bigger and bigger each day, and it is impossible to tell at what pitch of monstrous magnitude they will ultimately arrive. We shall not be surprised if they finally form the abodes of the men who play them: an accommodation which will be very valuable to perambulating musicians at the seasons of the various Festivals” (see below image; public domain) (vol. IV, p. 235).ophicleide bellows

1846—London, England: “A Sunday Band of Hope,” a brief article in Punch magazine about bands playing on Sunday, includes a graphic of a bandsman sitting down by his ophicleide for a drink (see below image; public domain) (p. 189).punch sunday band