Multiples: More on the Life of an Early Trombone Painting

A couple of years ago I posted The Life of an Early Trombone Painting, showing several images related to Guido Reni’s beautiful fresco in San Gregorio Magno, Rome. Then I added an image to the post last January. I’ve just added yet another, shown below. As always, I’ve also incorporated it into the Trombone History Timeline.

For more posts showing multiple versions of trombone images, see  The Evolution of a Trombone PaintingCanvas, Paper, Silver, Wood, and Glass: St. Cecilia Trombone Image in Many Forms; and Young Trombonists in Four Montserrat Paintings. Finally, for many more images of angels playing trombone, see my collection, Angel Trombonists Throughout History.


In the late 17th century or early 18th century, Jean Charles Allet (c. 1668-1732), a French engraver who spent the bulk of his life in Rome, copied parts of Reni’s fresco. Allet reproduced 6 of the 10 original angel musicians in his engraving, including the 2 trombonists (see below image; public domain) (British Museum). Click to expand.Allet