Two 19th Century Trombone Paintings by Benjamin Vautier

Below is a pair of images by Swiss artist Benjamin Vautier that I just added to the Trombone History Timeline (19th century, 2nd half). The first one in particular, which depicts a wedding in a region of France, is quite beautiful. Both paintings seem to portray the trombone in its 19th century role as a low-culture instrument.

c. 1878—Benjamin Vautier’s painting, Dancing Break at an Alsatian Wedding, features a small group of musicians, including a trombonist apparently emptying the water out of his horn (see below image; public domain). Click image to expand.vautier wedding

1881—Benjamin Vautier’s painting, Jahrmarkt, features a small group of musicians, including a trombonist, performing at a marketplace (see detail and full image below; public domain). Click full image to expand.vautier market dtlvautier market smaller