Color Version of Woman Trombonist

I recently updated the below entry from the Trombone History Timeline (16th century). There are a few other places that have a small black & white detail of this trombone player, but this website is currently the only place I know of that you can find the color detail, full color engraving, and original tablecloth together.

For more historical images of woman trombone players, see Females in Trombone History, 1500-1900.


c. 1562-68—Germany: An embroidered tablecloth depicts an aristocratic woman playing trombone. The people in the middle of the tablecloth are Count Poppo of Henneberg and wife Sophie of Brunswick (see detail and full images below; click image to expand; public domain) (Herbert, Trombone 79). The top detail, below, is from a 19th-century color engraving that is a copy of the original tablecloth (Hefner-Alteneck, vol. 9, pl. 594). The second image is a photo of the original tablecloth, now lost (Newe deudsche gesitliche Gesenge, unpaginated front matter). The third is the full 19th-century copy that the top detail is drawn from.