Two New Baroque Trombone Paintings

I just added two new paintings to the Trombone History Timeline. They are shown below, along with their captions. I have also added them to the post, Pick That Thing Up and Play! 11 Trombone Paintings from 17th-Century Flanders (which was formerly titled 9 Paintings from 17th-Century Flanders). It’s interesting how similar several of the 11 paintings in that post are.


c. 1610—The Judgment of Midas, a painting by Flemish artist Adriaen van Stalbemt, includes a trombone. The trombone rests on the ground among several other instruments (see below image; public domain).

1639—Adriaen van Stalbemt, a Flemish Baroque artist from Antwerpt, paints Midas Listening to Apollo, which includes a trombone among several other instruments resting on the ground (see below image; public domain).