Angel Trombonist from Malta

I recently added another angel trombonist to the 17th Century of the Trombone History Timeline and to the HubPages article, Angel Trombonists throughout History. This image is from Malta, an island off Italy. Here it is, along with its caption:

1661-66—Valletta, Malta: Artist Mattia Preti includes an angel-trombonist in his fresco on the apse of San Giovanni (see below image; public domain) (photo by Alfred Gouder).

The same artist, Mattia Preti, included trombone in another painting. Here it is, along with its caption, below. You can see that the paintings are similar. Notice that the unusual grip of the trombone is similar in the two paintings.

1651—Modena, Italy: Mattia Preti’s fresco,Gloria di Angeli Musicanti, located in the apse of San Biagio, includes a depiction of an angel playing trombone among many other angel musicians (see facing detail; public domain) (Adani; Quintavalle plate 95).