3 Military Serpents

I just added the following 3 images to the post Serpent & Ophicleide: History and Images, bringing the total number of images in that post to 90. Enjoy!


c. 1800—Nuremberg, Germany: An image depicting Nuremberg military musicians includes a serpent player (see below image; public domain) (Nuremberg, German National Museum).

1828—Great Britain: A military image features a British serpent player in full military garb (see below image; public domain) (New York Public Library Digital Gallery).

1830—France: Garde Imperiale: Regiments des Grenadiers a pieds, an image created by G. David in 1830 but meant to depict 1804, includes a military serpent player (see below image; public domain).


  1. I’ve got originals if your intrested.
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