Pair of Ophicleide Images

Last week I posted Ophicleide History and Images. What does this subject have to do with trombone history? Well, the ophicleide, as I point out in that post, is a predecessor to the tuba and a fellow low brass member. This morning I found two more historical ophicleide images, both by Spanish painter José Gallegos y Arnosa (1857-1917). Dating from circa 1895, these two very similar images depict the ophicleide as a member of a sacred ensemble accompanying a young choir (see below images; public domain). For a print after these images, see here. I plan to update the Ophicleide History and Images post with these two images and use the post as an ongoing ophicleide compilation.

José Gallegos y Arnosa, Choir Practice

José Gallegos y Arnosa, Chorus


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