Two More on Paper: Sketches for St. Cecilia Trombone Images

About a month ago I posted Canvas, Paper, Silver, and Glass: St. Cecilia Trombone Image in Many Forms, tracing the life of an image originally conceived as a painting through several artistic media. Since then I have located two sketches of the image (source: Volk-Knüttel 31-33, pl. 101; for full citation see Trombone History Bibliography). The first drawing, in which it is a little tricky to spot the trombone, is probably a preparatory sketch for the original painting by Pieter de Witte (c. 1585); the second, which has the same dimensions as the engraving by Sadeler (c. 1590), is probably a preparatory drawing for that engraving. In total, we end up with a pretty remarkable count of two sketches, a painting, an engraving, a silver relief, and a painted glass window. And the trombone makes it through to the end!

Preparatory Sketch, Possibly by Pieter de Witte, for St. Cecilia

Preparatory Drawing, Possibly by Sadeler, for St. Cecilia