Trombone History: Two British Images

Added two new images, both of them British in origin, to the Trombone History Timeline, 17th century (first half) and 17th century (second half)

Smith organ case

Smith, organ case

1643—London, England: A painting on an the case of an organ by Christian Smith depicts a trombonist (see facing image; public domain) (Parrott, Grett and Solompne Singing).

waits drawing

Marcellus Laroon, Waits

c. 1680—England: A wash drawing attributed to Marcellus Laroon depicts a group of 17th century town waits—3 shawms and a trombone (see facing image; public domain) (Herbert, Sackbut 77; Parrott, Grett and Solompne Singing).