Google Analytics Update: 2,000-Plus Visits!

I mentioned a month ago that at the end of every month I get a website report from Google called “Google Analytics.” The report details all sorts of things, including how many visits the site had that month, which pages are getting viewed most, which countries people are visiting from, which keywords people are using to find the site, how long people are staying on the site, etc.

I also mentioned that number of visits has been increasing pretty steadily since the site’s inception and that October’s total was sneaking up on 2,000. Well, looks like November was the breakthrough month at 2,393 visits!

Number of visits from each of the last 6 months: 764, 1091, 1149, 1482, 1982, 2393.

Most frequent countries to access site in November (out of a total of 85 countries that visited): US, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain.