Trombone Image: 20th Century Sculpture Inspired by 16th Century Print

Added the following to the 20th Century Trombone History Timeline:

Aldegrever fountain1989—Soest, Germany: Sculptor Kord Winter fashions a trio of musicians in honor of one of the city’s most famous residents, 16th century artist Heinrich Aldegrever. The sculpture makes reference to Aldegrever’s Die Posaunisten from the series The Great Wedding Dances of 1538  (see 16th century timeline) (see above image; public domain) (source: wikimedia commons; see also

Below is the image by Aldegrever from the 16th century, along with its entry from the timeline. Notice that Winter retains some interesting details from Aldegrever’s print, including the trombonist’s left-handed playing position, his slide grip, and the banner attached to the slide.

Aldegrever large1538—Germany: Heinrich Aldegrever portrays a trio of trombone and 2 trumpets in a woodcut titled The Brass Players (Die Posaunisten) from the series The Great Wedding Dances (see facing image; public domain) (Duffin, Trompette des Menestrels).