Trombone History: From the Balcony

Added the following 3 images and entry to the 17th century timeline (1st half). The fourth image, a drawing, is clearly related, although it comes from a separate source; I expanded its entry to include a reference to the painting. As I have mentioned before, the concentration of trombone images from this half of the 17th century is remarkable.

Reni Gloria leftReni Gloria rightReni Gloria1609—Rome, Italy: Guido Reni’s Gloria d’angeli, a fresco located in S. Gregorio Magno, Cappella di S. Silvia, includes 2 trombones (see above details and full image) (Cavalli, pl. 28 and 32; Pepper, pl. 30). A drawing pictured elsewhere (see 1600s—Southern Netherlands) is almost certainly either a preparatory sketch for or a copy of Reni’s painting.

La Musique 2871600s—Southern Netherlands: An anonymous 17th century drawing portrays five angel-musicians, including a trombonist, performing from a balcony or platform. Separate leaves of music for four of the five players are pictured draped over the edge (see facing image; public domain) (Paris, Louvre; Wangermée vol. 1 287). The drawing is clearly either a preparatory sketch for or a copy of Guido Reni’s fresco, Gloria d’angeli (see 1609).