Trombone History: Pair of images from The Graphic

Added a pair of images from The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper published in London, to the 19th (2nd half) and 20th century timelines. The first one appears to be a somewhat satirical depiction of a German band, which would seem to fit into the general pattern of satirical or humorous images from the late 19th century that include trombone. The second one, a depiction of a group of wind musicians performing from a tower or balcony of some sort, couples nicely with the timeline’s previous image, a greeting card depicting 3 trombonists playing from a tower (see 1904 in the 20th century timeline).

German-Band1872—London, England: A humorous depiction of an ensemble titled German Band is published in The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper (see facing image; public domain).

Belfry1906—London, England: The Graphic, an illustrated weekly newspaper, publishes a drawing by Lucas of 5 wind musicians playing from a balcony. Two of the five appear to be valve trombones (see facing image; public domain).