Trombone History: New World Trombone Angels

Added the below image and caption to the 16th Century Trombone Timeline. Not only is it an unusual visual depiction from relatively early in trombone history (1550-1556), but it is from the New World. There is another image in the timeline that’s from 16th century Mexico, a fresco in the church of San Esteban in Tizatlan, Tlaxcala, that features a trombonist-angel, but I have not been able to pinpoint a date more specific than the 16th century.

Posa chapel1550-1556—Huejotzingo, Puebla, Mexico: A stone carving on one of the 4 posa chapels occupying the corners of the atrium of the church of the Franciscan monastery of San Miguel, Huejotzingo features 2 trombone-playing angels (see facing image; public domain) (Viñuales and Gant 23; Donahue-Wallace 12).


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