Trombone History: More Trombone Angels

Added the below drawing and caption to the Trombone History 16th Century Timeline. I was only able to add the detail of the trombone, not the full image, because of some technical problems (I don’t think WordPress likes how big these pages are getting; I may have to start splitting up centuries), but I’ve included the full image in this post.

All these images of trombonists as angel-musicians (see also posts here and here, as well as the Trombone Timeline in general) seem to reflect the trombone’s role as a sacred instrument, an association that has faded over time, making these images somewhat surprising to modern eyes.

Brizio detailBrizioLate 16th century—Italy: Bolognese painter and engraver Francesco Brizio includes trombone among numerous angel-musicians in his study, Lunette with Musical Angels in the Clouds (see facing detail; public domain) (Bohn 532).