Trombone History: More Trombone Angels

Added the following entry to the 18th Century Trombone History Timeline about an anonymous depiction of an angel-trombonist among other angel-musicians. With the painting mentioned in the last post, it would appear to be rare historically, being one of only a few paintings outside of the 16th and 17th centuries I’ve been able to locate that depict trombonists as angel-musicians. The trombone player, by the way, is on the far-right of the painting.

D'Ongina detailD'Ongina1709—Monticelli d’Ongina, Italy: The church Collegiata di San Lorenzo is refurbished in Baroque style. It is probably at this time that an anonymous artist paints a fresco in the church depicting several angel-musicians, including a trombonist. This painting, along with the painted wood ceiling in Tönning, Germany (see 1704, above), is a relatively late example of trombone being depicted among angel-musicians (see facing detail and full image, below; public domain) (Genesi).