Trombone in Bologna, Italy

Today I added several entries involving trombone in Bologna, Italy to the Trombone History Timeline. Here they are, below. There are many other examples set in Bologna that have already been added to the Timeline, of course. Enjoy!

1508—Bologna, Italy: A charter titled Provisio edita per Magnificos Dominos Antianos super eorum familia provides instruction for a 13-member instrumental ensemble that includes harp, nakers, six trumpets, three piffari, and two trombones (Weiss, Music Patronage).

1551—Bologna, Italy: A “Vincenzo Trombone” is mentioned, in a list of Bolognese musicians active c. 1550, by Innocentio Ringhieri in Cento Giuochi Liberali, et d’ingegno (Harr, Science and Art 349).

1657-1671—Bologna, Italy: During the period that Don Maurizio Cazzati is maestro di cappella at San Petronio, the number of trombones employed in the regular chapel is always 1-2 (Schnoebelen, Performance Practices at San Petronio 42; Enrico, The Orchestra 31).

1686-1709—Bologna, Italy: The orchestra at San Petronio employs 1-2 trombones (Enrico, The Orchestra 32).

1701-1708—Bologna, Italy: 6-7 trombones are utilized for special festivals at San Petronio (Enrico, The Orchestra 35).



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San Petronio, Bologna