6 More Ophicleide Images

I just added the following half-dozen pictures and captions to Serpent & Ophicleide Images: 1600-1800 and Serpent & Ophicleide Images: 1851-present.


1843—Paris, France: L. Franck’s Méthode d’ophicléide is published by J. Meissonnier (see below image; public domain) (National Library of France).ophicleide method cropped

1871—Germany: Musical Emancipation, a German woodcut, shows a woman in an ophicleide lesson (see below image; public domain).ophicleide emancipation

c. 1873—A caricature of a bandsman playing ophicleide by Major T. S. Seecombe is featured as part of a collection called Army and Navy Drolleries (see below image; public domain).seecombe

1874—London, England: Punch, the British magazine of humor and satire, includes an image of an angel playing ophicleide (see below image; public domain).ophicleide punch 1874

c. 1900—Cantaron, France: An advertisement features a young ophicleide player (see below image; public domain).pubophicleide cropped

1903—Nancy, France: A postcard from a series published by A. Bergeret shows a caricature of two street buskers (see below image; public domain) (source: temposenzatempo.blogspot.com).

Chanteur + Ophecliede