Pair of Ophicleide Images

Today I added the 2 images below to the page Serpent & Ophicleide Images: 1600-1850. Enjoy!


c. 1830—France: Jeune musician a l’ophicleide, an anonymous painting, shows a young French musician with ophicleide in the uniform of the Garde nationale (see below image; public domain) (Musée de l’armée, Paris).anon jeune musicien ophicleide

c. 1847—Paris, France: A hand-colored lithograph showing a caricature by François Bouchot, number 6 in a series called Les bonnes Tetes Musicales, appears in the journal Le Charivari. The title shown at the base of the print is Etudes consciencieuses sur de nouveaux instrumens de M. Sax (see below image; public domain).bouchot color