The Trombone as a Symbol of Vox Verbi

Today I was sent this marvelous image by David Yacus and just added it to the Trombone History Timeline (17th century, 2nd half). I remember as a student being told that the trombone sometimes represents the voice of God in music and wondering whether there was really any basis for that idea historically (whether you prefer the sound of the trombone or not). There is plenty of historical basis, as you will see if you take a look at the Trombone History Timeline, and this little painting reflects that symbolism. I predict you will soon see this image on trombone studio walls across the globe!

1682—Einsiedeln, Switzerland: In the ceiling of the Oratory of the Benedictine Monastery, Kloster Einsiedeln, a painting by Johannes Brandenberg (1661-1729) of Zug features a trombone with the Latin words Vox Verbi. The Oratory is the former Students’ Chapel and originally the sacristy of the Beichtkirche situated below (see detail and full image below; special thanks to David Yacus) (source: verbi light

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