19th-Century Trombone in Afghanistan and Brazil

I recently added the below two images from the 19th century to the Trombone History Timeline (2nd half and 1826-1850). I believe this is the first trombone history image I have been able to locate from Afghanistan, and there are not many from Brazil. The Brazil image will also be posted to the collection of rear-facing trombones.


1879—New York: Harper’s Weekly magazine publishes an engraving titled “The Afghan War—The Fourth Goorkhas Marching through the Bazar, Jelalabad” that includes a trombone at the front of a military band (March 15, 1879, 208-209) (see below image; public domain). The 2nd Anglo-Afghan War is a conflict between British India and Afghanistan and the Fourth Gurkhas a regiment of the Indian army.harpers afghanistan

1845—Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Lithography firm Ludwig & Briggs publishes a print called Begging for the Holy Ghost, which includes a man playing a rear-facing trombone (see below image; public domain) (source: Google Arts & Culture, “Musica Brasilis”).briggs


  1. Were there really any rear facing trombones made? I’ve seen other horns, but not actually trombones.

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