Nuns Playing Trombone in 16C Italy

I just added this caption to the Trombone History Timeline (16th century) and to the HubPages article, Women in Trombone History, 1500-1900.


1584—Bologna, Italy: Ascanio Trombetti, master wind player of San Petronio and the ensemble Concerto Palatino, also serves as maestro di cappella at the convent of San Lorenzo. About the nuns at San Lorenzo he says, “As a musician, I’ve often gone to teach the sisters the trombone and viola. More precisely, I’ve taught the trombone and viola to Sister Florentia, and to many others as well—Sister Semidea Poggi, Sister Angelica Fava, Sister Panina, and Sister Cecilia Ghisliera” (Monson, Nuns Behaving Badly 53).

Map by Blaeu from the approximate time period in question. San Lorenzo convent is No. 81, top-left.

Period map of Bologna by Joan Blaeu showing San Lorenzo convent, labeled No. 81 (top-left), and San Petronio, No. 3 (center).


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