Bologna Q 18 in Trombone History

bologna map

Today I added the following entry to the Trombone History Timeline (16th century) and the Early Trombone Literature List (Trombone with Various Other Ensembles):

c. 1502-1506—Bologna, Italy: A collection of music later called Bologna Q 18 is compiled, probably for the use of Bologna’s civic wind band (Concerto Palatino), which includes 2 trombones at the time of this collection, or a group of aristocratic amateurs in Bologna capable of reading and playing the music. The original manuscript itself shows physical evidence of being well used. The collection contains more than 70 textless pieces, most of which are for 4 parts (although there are also 19 for 3 parts and 1 for 5 parts). Individual pieces have been attributed to Isaac, Josquin, Compere, and Tromboncino (Weiss, Introduction to Bologna Q 18, 5-12).