Iconography updates


detail durer's graveBecause of the amount of info I have been posting about iconography, I have finally added iconography as a separate menu item on the site. Included there is a link to the Trombone History Timeline (which has more than 1,100 images), an interactive Google map plotting trombone iconography pre-1800 (color coded by century), and two separate pages of serpent and ophicleide iconography: 1600-1850, and 1851-present. Soon I’ll also add a separate map plotting trombone iconography in sacred settings. And of course the blog posts categorized as “trombone images” will discuss a lot of the most interesting iconography updates on the site.

gibbons restored smallThe other two items of interest are updates to these two blog posts: Paper, Canvas, Stone, Silver, Wood, and Glass: St. Cecilia Trombone Image in Many Forms (where there are now a dozen different versions of a late 16th century trombone image), and Pick That Thing Up and Play! 21 Trombone Paintings from 17th Century Flanders (where Flemish artists such as Rubens and Brueghel make an art of the trombone tacet).