Four Trombone Paintings in Genova Church

Special thanks to Catalina Vicens for discovering 3 of the 4 paintings below and for allowing me to use her photographs in the Trombone History Timeline! You can find the entry shown below in historical context here. I will also be including these pictures in the collections of Angel Trombonists throughout History (which will bring that total to 96 examples) and How to Hold a Sackbut: The Grip of the Early Trombone (which will bring that total to 82 examples).


c. 1640—Genoa (Genova), Italy: Four different paintings in Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato feature angels playing trombone (see below 4 images; public domain) (photo credit: Catalina Vicens; see also Heck, Guitarists in the Balconies).annunziata genova 3 editedannunziata genova 289-jpgannunziata genova 1 cropped