Note from Museum of Musical Instruments–Poznan, Poland

mim_1Got a note this morning from Patryk Frankowski, senior assistant at the Museum of Musical Instruments in Poznan, Poland. According to Mr. Frankowski, one of the alto trombones listed by Trevor Herbert in his book, The Trombone, and subsequently listed in my page on Extant Alto Trombones, is actually a tenor trombone. Apparently the instrument, a Georg Schmied 1697 trombone held in his museum, was brought to the museum with an original tenor trombone bell, but with an alto trombone slide section that had been added later. I quote Mr. Frankowski: “Georg Schmied 1697 trombone which is in our museum is tenor trombone and only bell part is original. Instrument comes to museum with alto trombone slide part so probably it is why Mr. Trevor Herbert list this instrument as alto. I presume that he got wrong information.” Thank you to Patryk Frankowski for the information; I will make a note of it on the Extant Alto Trombones page!