Mystery Trombone Image

I have encountered many interesting images that include trombones while compiling the Trombone History Timeline. The 17th century, in particular, seems to be full of artwork that includes trombones–oil paintings, frescoes on church ceilings and castle walls, engravings, carvings, manuscript title pages, festival books, etc. However, one of the more intriguing images that I have not been able to trace historically is this engraving from Dover’s Music, A Pictoral Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings: 841 Copyright-free Illustrations for Artists & Designers (compiled by Jim Harter; New York: Dover, 1980). No artist or source for the image is given, and the picture doesn’t seem to be used in any of the common trombone history books or articles.


The picture includes a trombone (possibly an alto trombone) performing in a small wind ensemble accompanying a puppet show. It appears to be an old image. However, in speaking with a university art professor, it was not clear whether the picture was an authentic 17th or 18th century work, or a more recent image simply designed to look old. If you happen to have any information or documentation about it, let me know!


  1. Are these images copyright free can Ik use them for mij art collage?

    • Yes, this particular image is copyright free, so you are free to use it as you wish.

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