Suave and Delectable? The 15th-Century Trombone

Bellini close detailToday I added 4 more entries to the Trombone History Timeline (15th century). As always, you can find the full source citations in the Trombone History Bibliography.

1466—Florence, Italy: Pifferi and trombones are paid to perform at festivities for the wedding of Bernardo Rucellai and Nannina, daughter of Piero di Cosimo de’ Medici (Kemp, Behind the Picture 151).

1469—Bologna, Italy: a document describes the “trombonist [trombonen]…who plays with the shawms,” a combination that resulted in “consonances that were suave and delectable” (“quod ob diversitas vocum consonantia suavius et delectabilius”) (Polk, Patronage and Innovation).

1489—Nuremberg, Germany: The Nuremberg city council records the decision “to accept and appoint a new trombonist [Pusawner]” (Green, Defining).

1493—Nuremberg, Germany: The Nuremberg city council arranges “to give the city trombonists [pusawnern] new trombones [pusawnen] from the city, and…the same trombonists will then repair them at their own cost for the duration of their service” (Green, Defining).