Another Angel Trombonist in Baroque Germany

A few years ago I added this caption and painting to the Trombone History Timeline (1626-1650)

c. 1640—Goslar, Germany: A painting at the church of St. Jakobi includes an angel playing trombone (see below image;  public domain).

After more research, I discovered that there was another angel trombonist painting in the same church, just two panels away. I have also decided to adjust the approximate date by 10 years to c. 1650. Below is the new caption for both paintings, a wider view of the location, a detail, and both full panels. You can find them all in historical context in the Trombone History Timeline (1626-1650).

c. 1650—Goslar, Niedersachsen, Germany: Two different panel paintings on the front of the organ loft in Jakobikirche include angels playing trombone (see wide view, detail, and full panels, below; public domain).